Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) Pitches

Art Delectables

Art Delectables is a full-service organic catering company that specializes in High End Luxury Cheesecakes for grocers, restaurants and the hotel markets. They also cater to corporate accounts for gifting and events. Their products are made using only the highest quality ingredients, with a fraction of the sugar contained in traditional cheesecakes. With a rich decadent texture more like mousse, than dense cheesecake, they are the superior choice in taste, feel and overall appearance.

CFK Industries LLC

C.F.K Industries is a family-owned business that has brought quality janitorial services to Los Angeles County and surrounding areas for over 10 years. They specialize in office and commercial cleaning/maintenance for Fortune 500 companies, commercial buildings, and government entities. Their purpose is to use their passion for cleanliness to connect with and serve our clients; while enabling them to feel the love poured into each service we provide.

City Design Studio

City Design Studio is an urban design, architecture, and planning firm with a focus on the revitalization of existing communities and the creation of unique, vibrant and extraordinary environments that reflect place and culture. They enable clients to elegantly resolve complex and conflicting issues by communicating and building consensus between diverse stakeholders.

CTI Environmental

CTI Environmental, Inc. is a one-stop shop for your compliance and project management needs. They work with clients to keep employees safe and business operational. This is accomplished by providing safety training and consulting services, ensuring clients have the appropriate OSHA programs in place and are following EPA guidelines regarding handling of hazardous materials. They also provide project management for construction and demolition projects.

Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution is a full-service video production company, specializing in producing corporate, non profit and creative video content we’re proud of. Their stories are heartfelt, creative and distinct. They reach audiences by telling your unique story, one frame at a time.

Goodeyo Social Media

Goodeyo Social Media LLC is a family owned and operated full-service digital marketing agency. Specializing in social media marketing and advertising. They help business owners in Los Angeles county maximize the growth of their company’s income by increasing their brand awareness and leads. Goodeyo Social Media provides a team of marketing experts to manage daily posting, engagement, and creative advertising strategies. Thus, relieving business owners of time and money wasted on non converting marketing campaigns. With over 12+ years in marketing and advertising, their purpose is to be solution-oriented and exuberant in connecting with their clients on a deeper level to help them achieve their client’s ultimate marketing goals. Let them manage and deliver your online campaigns, while you concentrate on your business.

J Squared Communications

J Squared Communications is an award winning, full service digital marketing and communications agency specializing in content marketing, conversion copy writing and public relations. We help women and LGBTQ owned companies and organizations that don’t have the time, tech savvy or resources to run a successful marketing department that increases reach, supports client retention and drives ROI.

JHOG Design & Development

JHOG Development is a trustworthy & family-owned construction company, focusing on both commercial and residential projects. They help business owners & homeowners who want a one-stop solution for their construction projects by delivering cost effective, efficient & dependable work.

RH Pallay Insurance Agency

Mr. Pallay is a trained professional in financial services for over 35 years. He has worked with thousands of small businesses and maintains a network of resources for all your financial needs. He has worked with al the major government agencies with the State of California in presenting access to capital opportune for small businesses. He is also the owner of RH Pallay Insurance Agency, where he offers a complete cadre of commercial and personal insurance products for protection from financial vulnerability.

Madison James Group

The Madison James Group, LLC. (MJG) is a program management firm with over 26 years of combined experience. They take a personalized boutique approach in providing our clients with cost effective and innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs. Locally based out of Los Angeles County, they offer program, project, and construction management services.

Perfectly Packaged You

Perfectly Packaged You educates youth girls and boys about hygiene and how it can impact your day to day life, education, and self-esteem. They help schools create ways to improve hygiene in the school and decrease the number of absences due to hygiene-related reasons. They also provide commodities into detention centers for LA County.

Rotonic Plumbing & Rooter Service

Rotonic Plumbing & Rooter Service is a family-owned full-service Plumbing & Sewer Contractor servicing Home and Business Owners in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for 20 years. Minority-owned and Certified “C-36” and “B” General Contractors, offering Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Plumbing and Sewer repairs, installations and retrofits, as well as Single-family and Multi-Unit Residential Remodeling and Commercial Tenant Improvement. We provide Peace of mind to homeowners and business owners with quality service, Green Plumbing, and Covid Safety upgrades including touchless faucets, soap/paper towel dispensers, and auto-flush toilets and urinals.

Call Rotonic Plumbing & Rooter Service, Your Plumbing Superheroes at 818.772.0088

Saddler Consulting Group

Desiree Saddler is CEO/Founder of Saddler Consulting Group, Inc. (SCG, Inc) a training and development firm. We help organizations reduce their exposure to employee related law suits by training management staff at every level to feel confident and competent in their employment decisions and interactions with their teams. Our seminars transform organizations, leaders and employees to become a more exceptional, inclusive and productive workforce in an ever-changing environment. We have world class partnerships and resources that our Diversity and Inclusion consultants leverage to partner with organizations creating high performing teams and building skills that equal RESULTS!

Sparkling Clean, LLC

Sparkling Clean Cleaning Services and Carpet Care, LLC (Sparkling Clean) has been in business since 2005, providing janitorial, carpet and upholstery cleaning to various clients, including municipalities, counties and state facilities. Sparkling Clean is located in the City of Los Angeles, under the leadership of Viviana Harvey. The company is a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), Minority /Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE). Sparkling Clean takes pride in the fact that for the past 15 years, their cleaning processes have been aligned with the current protocols established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in that sanitizing and disinfection has always been incorporated in their cleaning procedures.

The Brown Boys Entertainment

The Brown Boys Entertainment is an award-winning, film/tv production company that focuses on being the voice for and highlighting minorities through storytelling in front of and behind the camera. They help networks and studios fill this long overdue void by telling these much-needed invigorating stories that better reflect our world!

Wade & Associates Group

Wade and Associates Group is a boutique consulting agency specializing in event management, marketing, promotions, and community outreach. Their major focus is the African American market and women of color. As a woman and minority owned business with a unique approach to cultural identity, we connect our clients to the community and consumers by providing opportunities to interact with products, brands, services, and causes.

TMS Business Solutions Inc.

Dr. Tana M. Session is the CEO & Founder of TanaMSession.com, a certified Women Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) with over 20 years of Human Resources experience. Dr. Session specializes in cultural engineering, facilitated experiences and leadership & organizational development.